Thursday, 3 April 2014

Our English Drama: Maleficent

Hi peeps! 
Just wanna share some pictures of drama captured yesterday held  
at the hall of UNIMAS East Campus for the English assessment of asasi student.
You don't know what Maleficent is?
Click the wiki. hehe :P


A very good performance. ^^
 I do enjoy it even feel a bit exhausted. Our drama epic name was sleeping beauty and the maleficent was really surprise the audience. Although I just a dancing man in the play. hahaXD

It was really awesome guys! I love my group~ 3C. daebak!


  1. wah.. bestnye!!!!, rindu nak tgk drama mcm ni lagi, selalu dekat sekolah ada buat, tpi tu dulu laa hihi :) ..

    1. hehe. btw, drama ni play dekat dewan UNIMAS kampus timur sempena assessment English utk dak asasi Unimas je. :p

  2. Replies
    1. haha. our maleficent artist is so famous yesterday (Y)

  3. cooooolll, teringin nak tengok!. Btw, Saya pun UNIMAS jugak tapi student dekat kampus barat.. hihi kalau tak dapat tengok..


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