Monday, 12 May 2014

Infinite had confirmed their comeback and will release their new album's title song 'Last Romeo' on the 21th May.

INFINITE comeback date was scheduled to be on 20th, but after final discussions, it is rescheduled to 21st.
Infinite has built a comeback date confirmed. Infinite Echo Entertainment Group agency officials on the currencies in the news "Infinite comeback date has confirmed the coming 21 days," he said. 

Said, "Infinite is trying to release an album in 20 days initially, but at the end of the meeting to announce a final decision in 21 days," he explained. 

Prior to May 12 is the official website Infinite on the new album 'Season 2' is the title track of "The Last Romeo 'concept pictures to the public. Infinite's new album named 'Season 2, and that the activity during the' Season 1 'because if you build the future regulatory activities' Season 2' is named the new approach is wanting aspirations embedded.

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