Tuesday, 3 June 2014

[Breaking News] Infinite Woohyun involved in an accident due to rainy road.

A rep from Woollim Entertainment told Osen on the 3rd of Jun, "On his way to film KBS2TV drama ‘High School: Love On’, Woohyun was involved in a car accident when his car slipped because of rain on the highway to Incheon International Airport.”

The rep continued, "He immediately received a check-up at the hospital, and they found he had no injuries. However, he’s currently resting at the dorm due to shock from the accident."

Fans are particularly worried as Woohyun recently hurt his shoulder during filming for MBC's 'Idol Futsal World Cup’. His agency stated, "It won’t affect his promotions too much, but we’ll watch over his physical status as he attends to his schedule."

*pity nam woohyun oppa, hope you'll recover soon. :(


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