Monday, 18 August 2014

INFINITE L and Hoya join Rain and Krystal in the new drama "My Lovely Girl"

My Lovely Girl (내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) and Krystal Jung. Having the K-pop world as the backdrop, the drama will tell the story of two pained individuals who will find healing through music. It is currently in its filming process and is slated to be aired starting September 17, 2014.

Infinite Hoya and L

A Woollim Entertainment rep confirmed L's casting to Xports News on the 5th, "L will play the role of idol group Infinite Power member Shi Woo." The drama's rep also revealed Hoya's casting to Star News, "INFINITE's Hoya will star in 'My Lovely Girl'. He will play the role of Infinite Power's leader Kang Rae Hun." When contacted about the matter, Woollim confirmed this to be true as well.

Plot of the Drama

Hyun-wook (Rain) is the composer & producer of an entertainment company. After losing his girlfriend in an accident, he then meets her younger sister Se-na (Krystal) who dreams of becoming a top music producer.

Cast of Main characters

Jung Ji-hoon (Rain)
as Lee Hyun-wook
Krystal Jung as Yoon Se-na
Cha Ye-ryun as Shin Hae-yoon
Kim Myung-soo (L) as Shi-woo
Lee Ho-won (Hoya) as Kang Rae-hoon, the leader of fictional idol group Infinite Power


My Lovely Girl also known as My Lovable Girl, Too Lovely Girl For Me, She's So Lovable
Genre: Romance, Music, Drama
Format: Television series
No. of episodes: 16
Broadcast time: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 (KST)
Original run: September 17, 2014 – November 6, 2014

source: 1 / 2

*p/s: okay can't wait for this. Two more Infinite members in the new drama!!


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