Friday, 22 August 2014

Infinite members accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge!

*Infinite Sungyeol, Myungsoo ,Woohyun and Dongwoo have done the challenge. XD

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to the ALS Association in the United States. It went viral throughout social media during mid 2014.

The challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation.

Within 24 hours of being challenged, participants are to video record themselves in continuous footage. First, they are to announce their acceptance of the challenge followed by pouring ice into a bucket of water. The bucket is then to be lifted overhead and poured over the participant's head. Then the participant can call out a challenge to other people. In one version of the challenge, the participant is expected to donate $10 if they have poured the ice water over their head and donate $100 if they have not.

Video for Ice Bucket Challenge Campaign


*Fyi, Infinite L do the ice bucket challenge with 3 bucket of iceberg! yeah he so crazy I know~ but he have been praised for complete the challenge for real not just for trend! He have explain what is ASL Ice Bucket Challenge and hope we will spread this to get more attention on ASL patients. 
While Infinite Sungyeol nominated Inspirit to do the challenge! 
Infinite Woohyun do the challenge with one bucket of ice cube and water same goes with Sungyeol. 
Same goes with Infinite Dongwoo!
Now, Infinite Sunggyu, Sungjong and Hoya are left. XD


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