Saturday, 4 October 2014

Yaya Instax Printing Service, keep your memories and turn your normal photo to polaroid with lowest cost!

Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps especially for selfcas lover. :)
Have a great news to inform you guys that now, you can turn your normal photo to polaroid with lowest cost! You didn't have to buy polaroid's camera, or polaroid's film, but just need to send your memorable / sweetest / favourite moment and @Yayainstaxprintingservice will print it for you! Just nice!

Bosan dengan gambar lama yang terlalu besar untuk disimpan? Beralihlah kepada polaroid photo yang saiznya lebih kecil dan senang untuk disimpan. Di @Yayainstaxprintingservice kami menawarkan servis printing polaroid photo dengan harga yang murah.

*Untuk maklumat lanjut sila komen atau fast reply whatsapp 0173597507

So what you are waiting for?
Let's keep your favourite moment with polaroid picture!
It's easy and cheap!


*please visit instagram Yaya Instax Printing Service for more info ^^


  1. Thanks for sharing your services with us, and this is the modern technique by which you can frame your memories in best ways.
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  2. Di @Yayainstaxprintingservice kami menawarkan servis printing ...


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