Friday, 25 December 2015

Segmen Blogwalking & Tambah Follower Hujung Tahun Part 2

Assalamualaikum. :)

Due 30 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awaken [2015] Free Watch Online Full Movie

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1437H/2015

Assalamualaikum. :)

Tanggal 12 rabiulawal lahir baginda nabi muhammad s.a.w. Mari kita berselawat keatas baginda. :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Nak tukar blogskin.. tapi.. tak reti (LOL)

Assalamualaikum. :)
Bila dah bukak blog je mesti rasa nak tukar design blog. 
So, tukar theme pastel and sweet tapi tak cantik sebab ada border header belakang tu.
Try banyak kali edit tapi tak jadi2 last nak tukar blogskin pun tak jadi.
Fiqa bukak blog +Adam Faiz , dia kan ada share freebies2 blogskin, nak guna satu skin tapi error je memanjang.
sedih betul la. Last2 jadi cmni jelerrr lol -_-

Mood whatever -_-


Assalamualaikum. :)

Hi fellow followers, lama fiqa tak update blog ni.. huhu
Ni pun baru nak update setelah stress dalam minggu study week ni.. sebab tahun ni, sem ni fiqa punya course sangat la busy dan zzz kerja pun berlambak.

Hmm. tak tahu nak tulis apa, tapi nak update jugak. haha
So, korang apa khabar?
aaaaa.. emmmm... AAAAA HAHAHAHA
(OKAY dah tak tahu nak tulis apa lagi)
Okayla, nak citer apa pun dah tak tahu, kalau korang ada suggestion boleh la komen2 ke haha lol.
K bye bye. Take care~~

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Biotechnology on the move: Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Nature Republic)

Biotechnology help improve the product. Product chosen: Aloe Vera Soothing Gel by Nature Republic. Curious on the benefit and uses of the product? Let's check out the video above. 

- This video is created for education purpose for subject Introduction to Biotechnology STU1013.
- Background sound:
  - VIXX boys record inst.

Thank you for watching! :)

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

INFINITE’s L cast as lead in new movie "Mr. Shark"

On August 18, a source revealed to news outlet Newsen that INFINITE’s L has been cast in his first film. He will reportedly be acting as the lead male character in the movie “Mr. Shark” (working title). In this film, he will portray a young male who enjoys a special bond with sharks. Apparently, the film will be focused on sending a message about the preciousness of nature.

While the INFINITE member has prior acting experience, this will be his first role on a movie. Having acted in various projects including “What Is Mom,” “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” “Cunning Single Lady, ” and “The Time We Were Not in Love,” the budding actor has packed on a lot of experience.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s latest album “Reality” successfully swept various music charts and won awards at different music shows as well. [SOURCE]

P/s: omg i really excited to see my baby as lead! XD

My Artwork: INFINITE L in the concert gif

Assalamualaikum. :)
New artwork from me!

Kim Myungsoo in the concert XD
p/s: i did this fanart while listening to everyday by woohyun :D

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Infinite Kpop Shop, the heaven shop centre for Inspirit!

Infinite Kpop Shop selling most of Infinite item. The advantages when you guys shopping in this online shop is the price are affordable and you can have rare and limited design for your own!

Almost of the item sell in Infinite Kpop Shop are pre-order item (which takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive) and also we have some ready stock item in limited time (which you can get your craving item within a week)

If you're not sure whether our online shop can be trusted or not, you can always see the reviews and customer feedback. We're sure you will believe in us. :)

What are you waiting?
Hurry and grab it one (or more) too!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

INFINITE "Bad" fun and cool new MV with High-Tech 360 Virtual Reality on YouTube!

New Full MV of 360 VR has been release! check it out now!
Woollim just drop the new teaser for the new comeback of INFINITE title "bad" with 360 virtual reality today at 12:00 AM KST! Thanks to INFINITE for introducing the new technology! This is fun and cool seriously! By the way, this is the new concept bring by INFINITE which shown the clubbing sexy style concept. SWAG~ I really like this concept and the music. Really can't wait for the full song to release. ~^^
To play this video you need chrome browser (latest browser) if you play in PC while you have to play with the latest youtube apps with supported android. Android 4.4 and above can support this player. You can swap the screen up and down or left and right or any movement just to try the new effect!
*HAHA me playing this teaser... spin spin spin like crazy XD #INFINITE_Bad 
gifcam by @fiqansz

Check out this to show how to play with android and this when you play on pc (using A,W,S,D keyboards)!
*p/s: you can feel like playing game or like being inside the video with the 4D view. Really nice right? This is the first time I come to man toilet with 7 handsome boys (hahaha). Have you try it yet?

Infinite bad teaser use this type of camera develop by Samsung. cool right?

Monday, 13 July 2015

[REVIEW] Infinite - Bad MV

Hi guys! Infinite just release their music video on 00:00 AM KST today as it just have been 17 hours and the MV have surpass 1++ Million! INFINITE also have slays the chart as at 6AM KST #Bad are on top 1 at 7 different chart with all the 7 tracks song on top 10! Congrates guys!
So now I will write a review about what is this MV are about. After watching more than 30 views without sub and then with confirmation of the sub one I will explain here the plot of the MV in my point of view.

INFINITE "Bad" are about their live being disturb by a girl (that they call a "bad" girl in this mv).
Actually, I think that girl is once their lover and when I listen to the lyrics "the fingers turn cold", I get it that the girl perhaps has passed away. 

Then the verse "whenever I see you're so unfamiliar" means that the girl keep appear into INFINITE's members life and keep disturb them but her face with ghostly like are means that Infinite just can't get over the girl who went away from their life. This means that Infinite keep seeing weird thing about that girl because they are having hallucination. 

Infinite having a very worst hallucination which they can suffer from it as you can see they verse "you dig on me, i can't take it anymore" and when the blood run off from Infinite's hand, and seeing them wearing bandage full of blood just because they keep hurting themselves whenever they see that girl keep appearing. (you can see the mirror in the MV got hit by them)

I got this plot as I've been watching previously hit Korean drama (It's okay it's love) about this mental sickness which they can't get over the reality, the mind are controlling them. This mental sickness are called "Lou Gehrig's disease" means that a delusional pain disorder created subconsciously by means this is the worst hallucination level of disease. 

In conclusion, this MV are really great and creepy as well but this is so cool! The music beat are also into me as I love their vocal match up well with the "hip hop violin" style of music. I just can't stop replay this MV seriously! The best part I like in this MV are when Sunggyu running from somebody when he look so scared but actually it just himself. ("bad" hallucination!) When he look at the mirror, his reflection of himself are smirking on him! (I love this part so much) So as well as Dongwoo part when he was grab into the mirror really shocked me! I just seeing a lot of mirror used in this MV and at first I keep thinking like "was the girl appear is the mirror ghost girl?" HAHA

Yeah this is my point of view about this plot, music and vocal of this "Bad" MV. How about you guys? 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Pageviews source also come from South Korea

Assalamualaikum. :)
Tak pernah2 dapat PV source dari South Korea. Haha. 
First time in my blog history ooo. (as korean ppl usually didn't read english articles) 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mencari Malam Lailatul Qadar

Assalamualaikum. :)

‘Lailatul Qadar (Arab: لیلة القدر‎) adalah satu malam yang khusus terjadi di bulan Ramadan. Ayat al-Qur’an yang pertama dipercayai diturunkan pada malam ini. Malam ini disebut di dalam al-Qur’andalam surah Al-Qadr, dan diceritakan lebih baik daripada seribubulan.

Saat pasti berlangsungnya malam ini tidak diketahui namun menurut beberapa hadis, malam ini jatuh pada 10 malam terakhir pada bulan Ramadan, tepatnya pada salah satu malam ganjil yakni malam ke-21, 23, 25, 27 atau ke-29. Malah ada sebahagian ulama yang menganggap ia berlaku pada malam genap seperti malam 24 Ramadan. Walau bagaimanapun, antara hikmah malam ini dirahsiakan agar umat Islam rajin beribadat di sepanjang malam khususnya di sepuluh malam yang terakhir. Sebahagian Muslimbiasanya berusaha tidak melewatkan malam ini dengan menjaga diri agar berjaga pada malam-malam terakhir Ramadan sambil beribadah sepanjang malam.

Tanda Malam Lailatulqadar

Para alim ulamak r.h. menyebutkan beberapa tanda atau alamat berhubung dengan malam Lailatulqadar:

– Ada yang berkata orang yang menemui malam Lailatulqadar ia melihat nur yang terang benderang di segenap tempat hingga di segala cerok yang gelap gelita.
– Ada pula yang berkata ia mendengar ucapan salam dan kata-kata yang lain dari Malaikat.
– Ada juga yang berkata ia melihat segala benda termasuk pohon-pohon kayu rebah sujud.
– Ada pula yang berkata doa permohonannya makbul.

Imam Tabari r.h. memilih kaul yang menegaskan bahawa semuanya itu tidak lazim dan tidak semestinya ia dapat melihatnya kerana tidak disyaratkan melihat sesuatu atau mendengarnya untuk menemui malam Lailatulqadar.

Antara tanda-tanda dalam mengetahui malam lailatul qadar adalah berdasarkan beberapa hadis di bawah :

1. Abi Ibnu Ka’ab telah meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda mengenai lailatul qadar yang artinya : Sesungguhnya matahari yang keluar pada hari itu tidak begitu bercahaya (suram). – Hadis riwayat imam Muslim dalam kitab puasa –

2. Telah diriwayatkan daripada Nabi S.A.W bahawa baginda telah bersabda yang artinya : Sesungguhnya tanda-tanda lailatul qadar, bahawa malamnya bersih suci seolah-olah padanya bulan yang bersinar, tenang sunyi, tidak sejuk padanya dan tidak panas, tiada ruang bagi bintang untuk timbul sehingga subuh, dan sesungguhnya tanda-tandanya matahari pada paginya terbit sama tiada baginya cahaya seperti bulan malam purnama tidak membenarkan untuk syaitan keluar bersamanya pada hari itu. – Hadis riwayat imam Ahmad dengan isnad jayyid daripada Ibadah bin As-Somit –

3. Dalam Mu’jam At-Tobarani Al-Kabir daripada Waailah bin Al-Asqa’ daripada Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang artinya :Malam lailatul qadar bersih, tidak sejuk, tidak panas, tidak berawan padanya, tidak hujan, tidak ada angin, tidak bersinar bintang dan daripada alamat siangnya terbit matahari dan tiada cahaya padanya(suram).

4. Telah meriwayat Al-Barraz dalam musnadnya daripada Ibn Abbas bahawa Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang artinya : Malam lailatul Qadar bersih tidak panas dan tidak pula sejuk.

Qadhi ‘Iyad telah mengatakan ada dua pendapat mengenai matahari yang terbit tanpa cahaya iaitu:

1) Ia merupakan tanda penciptaan Allah SWT.
2) Menunjukkan bahawa kerana terlalu banyak para malaikat yang berzikir kepada Allah pada malamnya dan mereka turun ke bumi yang menyebabkan sayap-sayap dan tubuh mereka yang halus menutupi dan menghalangi matahari dan cahayanya.

Daripada hadis-hadis di atas bolehlah kita buat kesimpulan bahawa antara tanda-tanda lailatul qadar ialah :

a. Pada malamnya keadaan bersih dengan cuaca tidak sejuk dan tidak pula panas.

b. Malamnya tenang yang mana terang dan angin tidak bertiup sebagaimana biasa dan awan agak nipis.

c. Malamnya tidak turun hujan dan bintang pula tidak bercahaya seolah-olah tidak timbul.

d. Pada siangnya pula matahari terbit dalam keadaan suram.


INFINITE Reality Limited Edition album sold out within a day!

SURPRISING. Even I got mental breakdown when I see all websites that take order for the PREORDER SOLD OUT! No kidding, it's preorder, not order okay? It still hasn't been release yet but the album preorder has sold out!  *and yet that time I didn't manage to buy one. gladly i found an online shop that still have the stocks. *crying and thankful* 

The prove shown INFINITE popularity is endless and even dominate the real chart album.

A rep say that Woollim will not restock the album. (How sad TT-TT)
 - Limited edition version which contain 150pages photobook, CD, folded poster, poster, random photocard, random coupon date with Infinite members (!!)
- While normal version contain CD, poster, random photocard, random coupon date with Infinite members and 16pages booklet. (this version still instock)

INFINITE Reality album will be release at 14th July 2015 and the MV title "Bad" will be release at 00:00 AM KST on 13th July 2015. Do you have watch the teaser yet?

Okay can't wait and getting excited for this comeback. 
*p/s: are you the one of lucky inspirit that have bought Infinite reality limited edition album?

Infinite sexy wave in "Bad" Naver Teaser~ kkkkk *faint*

Monday, 6 July 2015

INFINITE 2nd World Tour upcoming concert tickets sold out in 10minutes!

INFINITE’s second world tour concert “INFINITE EFFECT,” to be held on August 8 and 9, opened ticket sales on July 3 at 8 p.m. through Yes24. Roughly 330,000 fans flooded the site, overloading the server, and in just 10 minutes, not a single ticket was left for grabs.

According to Woollim Entertainment, as soon as INFINITE's 'INFINITE EFFECT' concert ticket sales began on Yes24 at 8 PM on July 3, 330,000 people logged on to get their tickets! So of course, tickets were sold out within 10 minutes, and due to the heavy traffic, the server even crashed at one point. 

The agency stated, "Thank you so much for giving such hot interest for INFINITE's second world tour concert. We'll be working hard to make sure this upcoming concert in Seoul, as the opening concert to their world tour, will be the best it can be."

Their Seoul concert takes place on August 8 and 9 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Were you one of the lucky fans who were able to buy a ticket in time?

[credit to: allkpop]

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 [2015] Free Watch Online Full Movie

Infinite L play role as Ki Sungjae on new drama SBS "The Time We Were Not in Love"

INFINITE's L had return to the small screen alongside Ha Ji Won in the new SBS drama 'The Time We Were Not in Love'!

Woollim Entertainment announced on June 9 that L has been cast as Sungjae, a new employee in Oh Ha Na's (Ha Ji Won) company. Although we'll only see him for three episodes, INFINITE fans are sure to appreciate what he'll bring to the drama. 

The drama, starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, centers on two longtime friends, who go through new troubles after turning 30. 'The Time We Were Not in Love' were airing on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00pm KST.