Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #1

Assalamualaikum. :) Hi peeps!
Today I've already start doing the Atkins Diet Project. Yeah it seems tough because I have to limit my food intake. ㅠㅠ
I awake early in the morning and didn't sleep back after doing Subuh prayer at dawn. One record for this semester break! Anyway its good actually even sunnah said don't sleep back after Subuh prayer (but I always slept back hee :> )
So, what's the deal I've done with my food intake today?
First thing in the morning, I make a bottle of green tea without sugar and drink it (I very enjoy drink tea so it doesn't matter to me >.<)
Then of course I grab some breakfast my mom made this morning. (gosh I ate 2 and a half sardine sandwich egg haha) Too much calories I guess but for breakfast its okay right? 
**somehow I think in atkins diet, bread is forbidden (?) because its contain acid. Sugar candy and snack contain MFG (like instant food noodle and such) also not allowed. 
Back to the story, then I went for my morning exercise. I just doing it in my home. The exercise is dancing! yeah dancing to 6-7 korean idol girl group song because it plays a lot the full body in their dancing. High recommend to dance to Girls Day Expectation and Female President. I really love their move in those song. ~^^
Then, after doing some housework, I eat my lunch. And yeah when I read the guide, I have to eat only 1/4 cup of rice and one cup of vegetables. Guess what? I got mental breakdown just looking at my food! ㅠㅠ 
I ate this kind of food during my lunch today with some fish grilled. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ 

Okay stop with lunch, let's jump to the dinner. I eat a slice of homemade pizza made by my mom this evening. HAHA can't refuse it seriously. I guess it was acceptable because the bread is homemade? At least it doesn't contain acid right? 
It just bread with some sausage and a little cheese topping. ㅋㅋㅋ
That's the end of day one of Atkin Diet. 
Hope my food intake didn't surpass the suggestion calories. :>

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