Thursday, 22 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #2

Assalamualaikum. and hi peeps :)
Back again for this topics. Today I will share my diet experience. ~^^

I made mistake today because I slept back after finished my Subuh prayer because my head got dizzy. :( 
Then I wake up, eat some biscuit for breakfast and a glass of green tea without sugar.
Next, dance time~~ just a few songs and then I got lazy HAHA (my body feel weak errr)

Okay let's jump to the lunch. I ate luxurious food today I guess and got a lot of calories I think. LOL
My mom made chicken chop with mash potatoes, yum my favorite! (can't refuse though, hee)

But then I ate a "lempeng" with "sambal tumis" for dinner this evening. Then I got exercise for 30 minutes, dancing by referring to some song; all SISTAR and INFINITE (my 7 romeos haha). And yeah my parcel arrived by today, its ESP Shaklee! I bought this as supplement for my baby stomach because I've been diagnosed gastric early of September last year. It help relieve my gastric pain and in the same time ESP Shaklee also help in diet progress. (cool huh?)

So then, I'll rewrite my plan for this diet project. (it got a name too :P)

- only eat fish/chicken/steak with vegetables
- cut off the intake of carbohydrate, sugar and MFG
- drink esp shaklee 2 times per day
- drink water 8 glass per day
- drink a glass of green tea without sugar per day
- exercise everyday for 30 minutes
- wake up early in the morning

- drink one spoon of esp shaklee and with a sausage/egg
- drink a glass of green tea w/o sugar 

- don't eat rice, if craving for rice, eat only a spoon of rice.

Dinner (eat before 6.30 pm)
- drink one spoon of esp shaklee with a less calories food.

- eat only one serving per day

That's all for today. See ya in the next entry! Bye-bye, anyeong!


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