Saturday, 24 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #3

Assalamualaikum. :) 
It has been three days I done this project and yeah three days I've cut off my food intake even though my mother always cook delicious food that made my saliva runoff.

Today my mom cooked 'nasi lemak' as lunch and surprisingly I only take 2/4 cup of the rice with 6 slices of cucumber and a little of egg sambal. And my sister was like, "gosh, seriously you only eat that much?". Haha I also can't believe my self and twice because I didn't eat it for dinner. I only drank one glass of ESP Shaklee for dinner. (that's why I'm starving to the death right now and I can't help myself but ate that "lauk sambal" a little ngeee)

A glass of ESP Shaklee with a glass of green tea w/o sugar

For exercising I doing twice today.. as always dancing until my body got shower from the sweat. LOL. Oh ya, before I forgot I think I made some mistake today, I ate a little portion of orange that contain acid, low pH level, not good for gastric person and as the result, my baby stomach work out too much because of the increase of acidic level (stomach juice). That's why I think I still hungry even though after I drank a glass ESP Shaklee I feel full, but then after I ate some orange, I got hungry. ㅠㅠ

That's all for today and gosh I have to wait one hour more coz I just ate some snack because my stomach didn't feel good. Anyway thanks for reading, see you in the next entry. Good night peeps! Have a sweet dream~^^

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