Tuesday, 13 January 2015

B1A4 shows skinship with Muslims fans: Malaysian citizens criticize the girls, blamed Kpop and bashing kpoppers.

Assalamualaikum. :)
Hi just wanna write some opinion about this cases happen in  Malaysia (yeah my country) and it went viral, I can see the news and reaction almost every second at facebook, blog and twitter. Even this case are also shared by Kpop famous gossip website such as Koreaboo and Allkpop. There's a lot of people who blamed the Kpop and bashing the kpoppers (people who love kpop) because of this.

On January 11, a Malaysian media outlet called Sukan Star TV uploaded a video onto their official Facebook page with the title, “Malay girls molested on stage by K-Pop artist yesterday“, which ultimately resulted in over 1.6 million views, 43 thousand shares, and 27 thousand comments—most of which consist of hateful and controversial statements towards the fans seen in the viral clip. - Koreaboo

Yeah, almost of the citizens especially guys critic the girls and kpoppers. For me, the girl doing is surely wrong. But some of the citizens almost racist here. Why should blame kpoppers for this? Not all kpoppers are same. And for B1A4, I don't know about them but they are non-muslims and some of them didn't know about Islam and after I got info from those who went to the concert. This what they say:

Some of famous pages that show criticize to the girl, Kpop and Kpoppers:

Yeah, absolutely #sentap with the comment above about kpoppers. Well, I want to emphasize here, not all kpoppers are like that. Some of the bashing comment; for me, I think they feel themselves are so pure and not a sinners. 

But there's surely some comment that are positive. And if we want to educate the girls, we should do in good and positive way. They're sinners because probably they don't really know about this. Yup people tends to do mistakes right? Me too, I also a sinners.

So the conclusion, stop blaming others if the mistake is come from our fault. Yang haram tetap haram. Hugging, kissing with non-mahram is forbidden for muslims. We should applied this in our live first. Parents should teach their teenagers and not to be a good supporter if their son/daughter have couple. Parents should be good supporter if their son/daughter want to get married early. That can prevent them from doing sins. And for Malaysian artist, yup they should change too. Just because Malaysia people didn't bash you, you cannot think you are right. Because I read some Instagram of Malay artist that show their picture half-naked with caption I'm doing this bed scene for the movie bla bla bla and people will support good luck you're doing well and love it (?) 



  1. I give you 5 stars ★★★★★

  2. typical malaysian yang suka bash orang lain...diaorang cakap ikut suka without think first


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