Friday, 6 February 2015

17 Things Concert 'Kakis' Go Through When Their Favourite Bands Come To Malaysia (LOL This is so True!)

Assalamualaikum guys! Let me share something interesting tonight. ~^^
By the way, this is so true (Y) 
p/s: I got this from a and yeah, my answer is in the red-pink words :P

1. "OMG OMG Malaysia?! Sure it's not Singapore??"

2. "Aiyah, why are tickets so expensive?"

3. Buys ticket(s) anyway (of course I'll buy it if it INFINITE coming! :P)

4. Some spent too much time thinking. Now tickets are sold out. (HAHA this is so true!)

5. Desperately search the Internet and listen to the radio for contests and giveaways (blerrgh but I didn't win at all, so sad :TT-TT )

6. Take leave or skip school to queue up early on the day of the concert

7. Make sure phones, tablets and power banks are fully charged 

8. Wish you were one of the fans who scored meet-and-greet passes (I will be the lucky one if got one selfcas with INFINITE! *crying*)

9. Protect your spot in the queue like a mother hen guards her chicks. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF CUTTING THE LINE, YE MORTALS!


11. RACE TO THE FRONT LIKE USAIN BOLT after ushers tear your ticket stub! (don't you read no.2? That's the reason too ok haha)

12. Constantly checking your watch because five minutes feels like an hour! (yeahhhh because the exciting feeling!)

13. But all is forgiven when your idol(s) FINALLY appear on stage! (of course!)

14. Your legs turn to jelly when the lead singer winks at you. Perasan la konon... (it happen to me once at Super Junior concert! haha.)
(but, if INFINITE L did this too me, I really melt! hahaha)

Wait! I didn't finish sharing this things. haha just wanna make you guys curious. If you wanna found out the three things left that I didn't mention here, you better check this link out! - credit to this website

See you guys then.. saranghae~ 
Final exam will end soon! Me like: bye2 last paperrrr *flying kiss*

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