Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #4

Assalamualaikum and hi peeps! :)
I think it has been few days I didn't update about atkins diet. Actually I've been restart back my diet from day one and until today, day four. And the result is pretty good. I admit about it. The most important thing is I already gain a little by a little my confident back. Surprisingly, I already lost about 3 kilograms! (okay love this so much hehe)
Yeah I just do what Dr. Atkins say in his program, don't take sugar too much, don't eat bread, don't eat carbohydrates too much, drink caffein a lot (to increase you metabolism rate), and do a lot of exercise regularly. Yup, most important thing here is do it regularly. I've been dancing everyday and yeah will do this also for the next day. (plus using the slimming suit every night help a lot too). Oh ya, I also use some equipment named sauna slimming belt (you can buy it too at lelong or lazada, because of this belt, I can have a sauna everyday, at anytime in my house hehehe)
Okay back to the story, I'll share my menu for today. Yeah I've change to salad lover now. Half vegetarian I think. LOL
1/4 cup of rice + salad mayonnaise + fried egg + sambal tempe

That's all for today. Just wanna say I think I will not update this everyday but perhaps will update it twice or once a week later (because I'll be back to my busy life at IPT). Anyway, if you try to lose your weight too, I suggest to try this diet (because it works for me :P). 
Good bye then, see you guys in the next entry!


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