Tuesday, 21 July 2015

INFINITE "Bad" fun and cool new MV with High-Tech 360 Virtual Reality on YouTube!

New Full MV of 360 VR has been release! check it out now!
Woollim just drop the new teaser for the new comeback of INFINITE title "bad" with 360 virtual reality today at 12:00 AM KST! Thanks to INFINITE for introducing the new technology! This is fun and cool seriously! By the way, this is the new concept bring by INFINITE which shown the clubbing sexy style concept. SWAG~ I really like this concept and the music. Really can't wait for the full song to release. ~^^
To play this video you need chrome browser (latest browser) if you play in PC while you have to play with the latest youtube apps with supported android. Android 4.4 and above can support this player. You can swap the screen up and down or left and right or any movement just to try the new effect!
*HAHA me playing this teaser... spin spin spin like crazy XD #INFINITE_Bad 
gifcam by @fiqansz

Check out this to show how to play with android and this when you play on pc (using A,W,S,D keyboards)!
*p/s: you can feel like playing game or like being inside the video with the 4D view. Really nice right? This is the first time I come to man toilet with 7 handsome boys (hahaha). Have you try it yet?

Infinite bad teaser use this type of camera develop by Samsung. cool right?

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