Wednesday, 8 July 2015

INFINITE Reality Limited Edition album sold out within a day!

SURPRISING. Even I got mental breakdown when I see all websites that take order for the PREORDER SOLD OUT! No kidding, it's preorder, not order okay? It still hasn't been release yet but the album preorder has sold out!  *and yet that time I didn't manage to buy one. gladly i found an online shop that still have the stocks. *crying and thankful* 

The prove shown INFINITE popularity is endless and even dominate the real chart album.

A rep say that Woollim will not restock the album. (How sad TT-TT)
 - Limited edition version which contain 150pages photobook, CD, folded poster, poster, random photocard, random coupon date with Infinite members (!!)
- While normal version contain CD, poster, random photocard, random coupon date with Infinite members and 16pages booklet. (this version still instock)

INFINITE Reality album will be release at 14th July 2015 and the MV title "Bad" will be release at 00:00 AM KST on 13th July 2015. Do you have watch the teaser yet?

Okay can't wait and getting excited for this comeback. 
*p/s: are you the one of lucky inspirit that have bought Infinite reality limited edition album?

Infinite sexy wave in "Bad" Naver Teaser~ kkkkk *faint*

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