Monday, 13 July 2015

[REVIEW] Infinite - Bad MV

Hi guys! Infinite just release their music video on 00:00 AM KST today as it just have been 17 hours and the MV have surpass 1++ Million! INFINITE also have slays the chart as at 6AM KST #Bad are on top 1 at 7 different chart with all the 7 tracks song on top 10! Congrates guys!
So now I will write a review about what is this MV are about. After watching more than 30 views without sub and then with confirmation of the sub one I will explain here the plot of the MV in my point of view.

INFINITE "Bad" are about their live being disturb by a girl (that they call a "bad" girl in this mv).
Actually, I think that girl is once their lover and when I listen to the lyrics "the fingers turn cold", I get it that the girl perhaps has passed away. 

Then the verse "whenever I see you're so unfamiliar" means that the girl keep appear into INFINITE's members life and keep disturb them but her face with ghostly like are means that Infinite just can't get over the girl who went away from their life. This means that Infinite keep seeing weird thing about that girl because they are having hallucination. 

Infinite having a very worst hallucination which they can suffer from it as you can see they verse "you dig on me, i can't take it anymore" and when the blood run off from Infinite's hand, and seeing them wearing bandage full of blood just because they keep hurting themselves whenever they see that girl keep appearing. (you can see the mirror in the MV got hit by them)

I got this plot as I've been watching previously hit Korean drama (It's okay it's love) about this mental sickness which they can't get over the reality, the mind are controlling them. This mental sickness are called "Lou Gehrig's disease" means that a delusional pain disorder created subconsciously by means this is the worst hallucination level of disease. 

In conclusion, this MV are really great and creepy as well but this is so cool! The music beat are also into me as I love their vocal match up well with the "hip hop violin" style of music. I just can't stop replay this MV seriously! The best part I like in this MV are when Sunggyu running from somebody when he look so scared but actually it just himself. ("bad" hallucination!) When he look at the mirror, his reflection of himself are smirking on him! (I love this part so much) So as well as Dongwoo part when he was grab into the mirror really shocked me! I just seeing a lot of mirror used in this MV and at first I keep thinking like "was the girl appear is the mirror ghost girl?" HAHA

Yeah this is my point of view about this plot, music and vocal of this "Bad" MV. How about you guys? 

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