Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton in Maldives!

Hi peeps. Just searching into some new info about ocean. Yeah, phytoplankton. But this, luminescence one. You can't imagine how pretty it was the scenery and I hope I can search deep into it later (since I studied in Aquatic Science field).

The blue “fire” in the picture is bioluminescence — tiny phytoplankton, microbes washed ashore by the tides, turning their chemical energy into light energy. The process is ancient, natural and found around the world. it’s most easily observed on nice, warm beaches after dark.
“When jostled, each organism will give off a flash of blue light created by a chemical reaction within the cell,” wrote Peter Franks, a biologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, on the blog Deep-Sea News. “When billions and billions of cells are jostled — say, by a breaking wave — you get a seriously spectacular flash of light.” -source

Nice right? I wish I can go there too where this phenomena occur! how nice it it~^^

Friday, 30 January 2015

Aduh.. pening pening..

Assalamualaikum. :)
Fiqa nak share satu video ni.. apa respond korang agaknya?

*p/s: Bayangkan kalau tiba-tiba orang cakap macam tu dekat korang… Terkejut, malu ke happy?

Review: Beat mp3 2.0 is addictive game!

Hi peeps! Just wanna write some review for the new game in the google playstore named Beat mp3 2.0. yeah I download this game because I love game that related to music. And so far, it has been addicted to me. oh no! ㅋㅋㅋ

Let me share my experience playing this game. First try I played it by medium 5.0 speed and I got B. And I kept playing this game with my favorite song (of course INFINITE song haha) and yeah I even can get "S" level! Because this game is kinda guitar hero and I usually play this kinda of game before, I thinks its much easier (?) 

Here my newest best score so far by playing INFINITE song;

p/s: I rate this game 4/5 stars. 5 stars if they make it offline game!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

INFINITE H "예뻐 (Pretty)" Official MV

she was found innocent because she's too pretty. XD

Resepi Puding Karamel (very easy to make!)

Assalamualaikum. :)
Hi tadi baru je siap buat puding karamel. first time buat and alhamdulillah jadi.
Nak share sikit resepi puding karamel yang super duper mudah nak dibuat ni.
(sementara resepi masih fresh dalam kepala, salin sini hoho)

*untuk hasil 10 cup kecil puding

Bahan-bahan untuk gula hangus:
1 cawan gula pasir
1/2 cawan air

Bahan-bahan untuk puding:
1 tin susu cair/karamel
1 sudu esen vanilla / daun pandan
3 sudu besar gula
5/6 biji telur

  • hanguskan gula dan setelah gula cair dan berwarna keperang-perangan, masukkan 1/2 cawan air. (berhati-hati sebab ia mudah meletup). Kacau sebati. Sejukkan dan masukkan ke dalam bekas puding. (letak 2 sudu besar setiap satu or ikut suka hati korang)
  • next, panaskan susu cair dengan api sederhana dan masukkan gula. Kacau sebati. Tuang sedikit esen vanilla. bila dah mendidih, tutup api. 
  • then masukkan telur (telur dipecahkan dahulu dan dikacau sebati di mangkuk lain) ke dalam adunan susu cair. Kacau sebati.
  • final step, masukkan ke dalam mangkuk bekas puding dan letakkan ke dalam pengukus. Kukus selama 20 hingga 25 minit. Then angkat dan sejukkan. Siap! Mudah kan? :)

Inilah hasilnya!

*p/s: nak hilangkan lubang2 dalam puding tu, fiqa baca google, adunan puding tu kena blend (telur dan susu cair, gula, esen) selama 1 minit. Next time fiqa buat lagi, fiqa try cara tu pulak hee :P

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #4

Assalamualaikum. :)
Hi nothing to say but wanna share about the real thing. *krik krik*

2015 INFINITE Japan Tour "DILEMMA" Teaser

Another surprise event from INFINITE. ㅠㅠ

Atkins Diet Project Day #3

Assalamualaikum. :) 
It has been three days I done this project and yeah three days I've cut off my food intake even though my mother always cook delicious food that made my saliva runoff.

Today my mom cooked 'nasi lemak' as lunch and surprisingly I only take 2/4 cup of the rice with 6 slices of cucumber and a little of egg sambal. And my sister was like, "gosh, seriously you only eat that much?". Haha I also can't believe my self and twice because I didn't eat it for dinner. I only drank one glass of ESP Shaklee for dinner. (that's why I'm starving to the death right now and I can't help myself but ate that "lauk sambal" a little ngeee)

A glass of ESP Shaklee with a glass of green tea w/o sugar

For exercising I doing twice today.. as always dancing until my body got shower from the sweat. LOL. Oh ya, before I forgot I think I made some mistake today, I ate a little portion of orange that contain acid, low pH level, not good for gastric person and as the result, my baby stomach work out too much because of the increase of acidic level (stomach juice). That's why I think I still hungry even though after I drank a glass ESP Shaklee I feel full, but then after I ate some orange, I got hungry. ㅠㅠ

That's all for today and gosh I have to wait one hour more coz I just ate some snack because my stomach didn't feel good. Anyway thanks for reading, see you in the next entry. Good night peeps! Have a sweet dream~^^

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #2

Assalamualaikum. and hi peeps :)
Back again for this topics. Today I will share my diet experience. ~^^

I made mistake today because I slept back after finished my Subuh prayer because my head got dizzy. :( 
Then I wake up, eat some biscuit for breakfast and a glass of green tea without sugar.
Next, dance time~~ just a few songs and then I got lazy HAHA (my body feel weak errr)

Okay let's jump to the lunch. I ate luxurious food today I guess and got a lot of calories I think. LOL
My mom made chicken chop with mash potatoes, yum my favorite! (can't refuse though, hee)

But then I ate a "lempeng" with "sambal tumis" for dinner this evening. Then I got exercise for 30 minutes, dancing by referring to some song; all SISTAR and INFINITE (my 7 romeos haha). And yeah my parcel arrived by today, its ESP Shaklee! I bought this as supplement for my baby stomach because I've been diagnosed gastric early of September last year. It help relieve my gastric pain and in the same time ESP Shaklee also help in diet progress. (cool huh?)

So then, I'll rewrite my plan for this diet project. (it got a name too :P)

- only eat fish/chicken/steak with vegetables
- cut off the intake of carbohydrate, sugar and MFG
- drink esp shaklee 2 times per day
- drink water 8 glass per day
- drink a glass of green tea without sugar per day
- exercise everyday for 30 minutes
- wake up early in the morning

- drink one spoon of esp shaklee and with a sausage/egg
- drink a glass of green tea w/o sugar 

- don't eat rice, if craving for rice, eat only a spoon of rice.

Dinner (eat before 6.30 pm)
- drink one spoon of esp shaklee with a less calories food.

- eat only one serving per day

That's all for today. See ya in the next entry! Bye-bye, anyeong!

[WTS] Preloved novel, comics and magazine SALE!!

[WTS] Preloved novel, comics and magazine SALE
~ really want to letgo all of them, price are now DROP!

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[100% good condition] Malay ver magazine

25. EPOP edisi 57, 2014 Jun w/o poster - RM2

**PRICE NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE - postage depends on the weight and the courier choose option.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Atkins Diet Project Day #1

Assalamualaikum. :) Hi peeps!
Today I've already start doing the Atkins Diet Project. Yeah it seems tough because I have to limit my food intake. ㅠㅠ
I awake early in the morning and didn't sleep back after doing Subuh prayer at dawn. One record for this semester break! Anyway its good actually even sunnah said don't sleep back after Subuh prayer (but I always slept back hee :> )
So, what's the deal I've done with my food intake today?
First thing in the morning, I make a bottle of green tea without sugar and drink it (I very enjoy drink tea so it doesn't matter to me >.<)
Then of course I grab some breakfast my mom made this morning. (gosh I ate 2 and a half sardine sandwich egg haha) Too much calories I guess but for breakfast its okay right? 
**somehow I think in atkins diet, bread is forbidden (?) because its contain acid. Sugar candy and snack contain MFG (like instant food noodle and such) also not allowed. 
Back to the story, then I went for my morning exercise. I just doing it in my home. The exercise is dancing! yeah dancing to 6-7 korean idol girl group song because it plays a lot the full body in their dancing. High recommend to dance to Girls Day Expectation and Female President. I really love their move in those song. ~^^
Then, after doing some housework, I eat my lunch. And yeah when I read the guide, I have to eat only 1/4 cup of rice and one cup of vegetables. Guess what? I got mental breakdown just looking at my food! ㅠㅠ 
I ate this kind of food during my lunch today with some fish grilled. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ 

Okay stop with lunch, let's jump to the dinner. I eat a slice of homemade pizza made by my mom this evening. HAHA can't refuse it seriously. I guess it was acceptable because the bread is homemade? At least it doesn't contain acid right? 
It just bread with some sausage and a little cheese topping. ㅋㅋㅋ
That's the end of day one of Atkin Diet. 
Hope my food intake didn't surpass the suggestion calories. :>

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Projek Diet Atkins - 2015

Assalamualaikum. :)
Tahun ni fiqa nak buat lagi diet. Rasanya setiap tahun buat diet tapi tak jalan. Ada yang berkesan tapi kesan dia memudaratkan. Lagi2 lah sekarang ni fiqa dah kena gastrik. Nak diet pun kena berhati-hati.
Anyway, terjumpa satu diet yang menarik untuk dicuba. Nama dia diet atkin sempena nama pengasas diet ini iaitu Dr.Atkins. Korang boleh try search google untuk tahu lebih lanjut pasal dia k. ^^
Then, result fiqa dalam kuiz yang diambil, fiqa kena jalankan diet Atkins40.
Oh ya, lupa nak cakap reason nak buat diet ni. Actually mental breakdown lepas tengok penimbang. Naik 5kg dalam masa seminggu je. LOL. Ni semua minggu study week + final exam week punya pasal. Makan tak jaga, banyak sangat makan gula, minum caffein, ni la akibatnya. Balik2 je mak tegur, "aii dah gemuk kau fiqa!". #sentap k sentap. haha
(tapi yang lawaknya lepastu dengar mak cakap dah gemuk fiqa boleh nafikan lagi)

Walaupun diet ni sangat sihat, sebab dia diet kira kalori, tapi fiqa rasa agak susah jugak untuk diikuti.
Ini kerana mak fiqa masak makanan yang sedap2 dan berkalori tinggi setiap hari. :(
(susah nak kawal nafsu dari tak makan, maklumlah bukan selalu dapat makan masakan mak)
How Does Atkins Work?
Oleh yang demikian, fiqa akan menggunakan alat bantuan dalam menjalankan diet atkins ni. HEHE
Alat bantuannya ialah krim slimming dengan slimming suit. Oh ya, hari2 kena exercise jugak. Tapi fiqa cuma suka exercise dalam rumah, so menari paling sesuai untuk fiqa. :P
*p/s: dah download senarai resipi yang disarankan oleh program atkins ni. Nak try mulai esok.
Insyaallah nak update setiap hari. Wish me luck!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Big Hero 6 [2014] Free Watch Online Full Movie

Big Hero 6 [2014]

Rating site pengiklanan favorite untuk buat duit!

Assalamualaikum. :)
Nak share sikit site pengiklanan selama fiqa berblogging. Site yang mana bawak untung besar, yang mana takde bawak untung lansung. Haha. Yang penting, antara banyak2 site ni, mesti ada yang fiqa paling suka. Means, paling laju dapat duit and paling senang. 

Antara site pengiklanan yang fiqa pernah/sedang join:
  • Nuffnang (rate 0/10)
Okay, site ni memang ramai blogger guna sebab dia bayar cash guna pos so untuk blogger bawah umur yang takde account bank pun boleh join site ni. Itu satu kelebihan dia. But kenapa fiqa rate 0? hehe sebab dia fiqa pernah citer dulu kat blog tapi sebab entri tu menimbulkan kontroversi fiqa dah unpublish. Anyway, memang dah lama berhenti dari nuffnang ni sebab dia perlukan kesetiaan. Means kalau nak duit dari nuffnang, korang memang tak boleh nak letak iklan lain dalam blog korang. Erm, fiqa bukan jenis yang setia nak letak satu iklan je (?)

  • Lazada Affliate (can't rate, still don't know how to use it lol)
Fiqa masih baru dan still tak paham nak guna lazada affliate ni. Tengok kat website2 besar ramai yang guna pengiklanan ni. So mesti best la kan? 

  • Agen Affliate (rate 0/10)
yang ni pulak tengok la earning fiqa. RM0.00. Yang affliate ni payah sikit nak masuk. Fiqa dah share banyak kali pun, kena ada orang join job yang ditawarkan tu baru boleh dapat duit. So kesimpulannya, bagi fiqa tak best untuk share iklan macamni. :/

  • Komli (rate 3/10)
Komli ni syarikat luar negara. Yang ni pulak biasanya blog yang mempunyai trafik tinggi je boleh dapat apply. Fiqa pun nasib2 je dapat apply Komli ni. Dah naik USD0.37 (RM1.32) kira okaylah ni. Hehe. Nanti fiqa rajin2 kan diri update blog lepasni. ^^

  • Intag (rate 4/10)
Intag ni pun sama luar negara punya syarikat pengiklanan. Untuk site ni, Intag sendiri yang request untuk bekerjasama dengan blog fiqa. Masih baru lagi, dah ada earning USD0.12 (RM0.43).

  • Churpchurp (rate 5/10)
Churpchurp ni pengiklanan under nuffnang. Tapi yang ni best lagi. Cuma satu je kena rajin share lepastu bila earning dah cukup RM100 baru boleh cashout. Yang takde account bank pun boleh join sebab pembayaran melalui cash pos. Tapi bagi fiqa lambat sikit. Lagi best online transfer. :P
Untuk churpchurp, earning terbaru RM4.70 (long way to go nak cash out again) and fiqa dah pernah cash out RM105.60 dari site ni. :)

  • Exabytes (rate 6/10)
Exabyte ni pun best kalau korang nak goyang kaki lepastu confirm dapat duit. Tapi yang lecehnya dia ni pun macam Komli. Blog traffic tinggi je boleh dapat mohon. Fiqa dapat sekali earning RM45 dari exabyte ni.

  • 8share (rate 9/10)
Okay ni antara site favorite fiqa. 8share ni memang tersangat mudah dan duit masyuk. Earning sekarang RM48, tinggal lagi RM2 je lepastu boleh cashout. Fiqa dah pernah cashout RM180 sebelum ni dari 8share. [Boleh refer entri ni] Best sebab dia bayar ke account bank terus. So untuk site ni, kena ada account bank baru boleh join. High recommend to use this advertisement site for those who are harworking to share the ads in social media. ~^^

  • (rate 10/10) ni pun fiqa suka sangat. Yang ni syarikat luar negara dan pembayaran ke account paypal. Best sebab fiqa ni memang suka share link kat blog. Lepastu share sekali, repeat payment. Adf,ly ni akan automatik bayar tiap2 bulan ke account paypal so tak payah susah2 cashout. Earning untuk ni yang fiqa pernah dapat sebanyak USD21.92 (RM78). High recommend to use this advertisement site for those who are only hardworking to share the ads once and lazy to repeat the share but you got the repeat payment. (like me haha) :D


Ini ranking bagi fiqa. Bagi korang macam mana pulak?
So konklusinya, berblogging memang boleh menjana pendapatan sampingan. Kalau takde blog? boleh je tapi kena ada social media lain macam facebook or twitter untuk share iklan2 ni. But recommend to use blog, because it is more easier. :)