Thursday, 23 June 2016

[Malaysia Group Order] Woohyun Blonde Stitch & Myungsoo Black MsL ~Cushion Pillow!

Assalamualaikum. :)

[Malaysia Group Order] Woohyun and Myungsoo Cushion Pillow!
*international buyer can request it on Infinite Kpop Shop fb page or dm on twitter @msl_pie, only international buyer can pay via paypal (there will be paypal fees too).

Size: 40x40cm | Dateline to submit order: 20/6/2016 | Dateline of payment: 23/6/2016

  • Woohyun Pillow set (RM55 exc postage / 13.80 USD = 1 Pillow + 1 Keychain*early birds + 1 Postcard)
  • Myungsoo Pillow set (RM55 exc postage / 13.80 USD = 1 Pillow + 1 Keychain*early birds + 1 Postcard)
  • Woohyun + Myungsoo Pillow set (RM106 FREE postage / 26.12 USD = 2 Pillow + 2 Keychains*early birds + 2 Postcards)

1. Malaysian Inspirit doesn't have to pay for the International shipping fees
2. Price as the description below
3. Domestic Postage: RM6 WM / RM9 EM
4. Dateline for this pre-order item is 20/6/2016, while due date of payment is 23/6/2016 *(We wanna ensure that all can get the pillow before Eid Aidilfitri ^^)
5. Estimate time of arrival will be 1~2 weeks after dateline.


*To order:

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Smule, applikasi terbaik untuk peminat karaoke!

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hi peeps!! lama fiqa tak tak tulis entri. kali ni nak kasi review untuk applikasi Smule!

Fiqa pun baru install apps ni, dan setelah seminggu lebih mencuba, fiqa akhirnya telah mendapatkan VIP pass, untuk tiada had dalam memilih lagu! yey! hahaXD

Actually, korang boleh je nak nyanyi free, tapi kena join duet smule2 lain. Memang best apps ni, dan kalau korang ada smule juga and ada nak request duet song or solo bolehla mention fiqa di smule ye!

ok, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~
*p/s follow me on smule @msl_pie

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Garlic Masker Tutorial and Its Benefit

How to use garlic for home chemical peels for the skin?
Let's follow the simple step in the video! 
Check the full video about the benefit of the garlic here!


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