Friday, 22 July 2016

OMG boosted again?

Assalamualaikum. :)
Hi peeps! I said yesterday on my entry of pageviews suddenly boosted but I didn't do anything. why?
that I will check the pageviews tomorrow. So i check it today, i kinda surprised with the result. 
1,255 views on one day! okay i only up two entries yesterday.
It surprised me cuz my blog was on hiatus before.

So then I check my stats the audience come from Russia suddenly.
Malaysia readers? The ranking drop so much.
In this way, my blog will be not recognized as Malaysian blog ranking in Alexa anymore.

I tried last time when France readers is the highest, Alexa only put me in world ranking only. hmm
Somehow, it is because my way of writing change? 
I used to wrote in Malay before but after I got into degree I change my writing almost in English.
Since I notice my readers is not only Malaysian, but the result really turn around.
Anyway, thanks for coming to my blog. I really appreciate it.
See you again next time in the next entry! 


  1. macam sama je kita punya problem..
    mencanak naik minggu nie.
    tapi peduli apa kn.

  2. Waaah international sehh *clap clap*


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