Thursday, 18 August 2016

My Review: Austin Height Water Theme Park Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum. :)
*this is not paid review, it was my free will.

On the last Tuesday, I went to the water park which are kinda new too ~ Austin Height Water Theme Park in Johor Bahru. The entry fee is MYR78 (discount price after I/C) for usual time not include promotion. This place is actually have different kind of theme which are adventure, water, drift, skating, and jumping. My friend and I only tried the water theme park and yeah we really have much fun there. Its beyond my expectation and it so great since I went during working hour the people are lesser and guess what I went on 11 times sliding there in just 3 hours! (I bet the brother guard who conduct the slide already recognized my face haha) :P

Well, should I share my pictures and videos here? I will just revealed some, but if you want to explore more of my moments and videos in the Austin Height Water Theme Park you should just follow my instagram -> @fiqa_nsz 

So back to the story, since I come early I only play there from 10 am to 1.00 pm and it was so tired but fun! Yup the rides was so fun especially the yellow one ride, it was so damn scary and only 2 people load can ride this. One person is not allowed for this yellow ride and since my fellow friend are scared we only rode two times. Of course, I didn't satisfied since I want to ride more so I rode one more time with outsider kekeke. Nah, I will go to this ride again with my brave brother later hahaha. Other than that yellow ride, all the rides can go alone. So I rode 7 times alone in different slide. Yup I already rode all the slides and yeah even the child one I also explore. One place I didn't explore is the wave pool. I expect the wave pool is so common since I always went to the beach for my sampling and fieldtrip lol.

I manage to climb the yellow ride just to snap a picture when there are no people play it but I got caught by the guard, yeah of course we got warned hahah.

Btw, I tell you guys the rides is damn high. Yup, there is no escalator and you should exercise your legs climbing up the stairs there. fuh~ I think I shed away lot of calories climbing the stairs there haha. You have to bring up the buoy that the Austin prepared by yourself. yeah just like typical other water park. Self service. I tell you guys, even though you feel tired climbing the stairs, after you rode the slides, you will only feel joy, and of course the stress will be healed. haha. (except your fatigues will come late just like me, I feel dizzy and my legs hurt after I come home lol).

There also a lazy river there (behind ours), for you to being lazy there, just floating yourself on the buoy and the wave will push you along the river. Relax time I should say. :D

While for their facilities there it was so great! The place to change your clothes also clean and big, the staff and the guard also treat me nicely. There are some food stall too selling some food or drink for hungry stomach after playing with water for long time. (of course, the price is slightly pricey then outside food but you cannot bring outside food there).

Btw, there a lot of rules here. Despite of the nice slides, great facilities and other stuff, the one rules that I feel burdened to follow is cannot take any pictures here during sliding or swimming. Of course I break the rules since I going here not everyday and I want to keep the moment in the pictures and videos, perhaps it was once for lifetime. Other thing is bag. Cannot bring bag (even I bring waterproof bag) during sliding. I just can't understand this rule at all. So other than this, I just feel so much fun here. 


Here my review star for Austin Height Water Theme Park:
Slides: 5/5 stars
Facilities: 5/5 stars
Staff: 5/5 stars
Rules: 3/5 stars (I hate cannot take pictures rule one so much haha)

That's all from me. See ya next time in the next entry, bye!

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