Sunday, 18 September 2016

What is the meaning behind INFINITE (인피니트) The Eye "태풍" Official MV?

This song is about the "eye" of typhoon which is the center of the cyclone. The "eye" which are calmer (low pressure in science) but outside the eye is fury. It those describe the feels of the man who once broke up and wanted to forget the memories with the girl he once loved. Therefore, the man who are also the eye struggle a lot with kind of emotions to come out from the trap of the memories.

While in the perspective of this music video, with no cast of actress, which there are only INFINITE's member as the cast, but it was well described with their emotional acting. L (Kim Myungsoo) who act as the "eye" feel suffocated at first as he decided to kill himself as he hurt so much. Therefore, other member Sunggyu (courage) prevent him from seeing the light (means wanted to die). Then, L was fighting with Hoya (hate) but suddenly Hoya (hate) was became Woohyun (regret). Next, L was grab by Sungyeol (fear) and he also was consoled by Sungjong (forgiveness). L continued to feel hurt by the regret (Woohyun) and he also hate himself that's why we can see him lying next to Hoya (hate). Then, "the eye", which are L are crying alone but Sunggyu are smiling (courage) which probably he wanted L to survive towards the end. Suddenly the light on, and L woke up and he wonder at the end. There's a picture of INFINITE's member at the end, and it means that his friends also there to support him whenever he down. It can bring meaning like love is not everything, because there are also friendship.

There's also a package there which there are 9th June 2010 which was their debut date but the parcel still remain mysterious for me. The music was completely INFINITE's style and as always their dance are lit. They are very synchronized, the dance look completely hard from other INFINITE song and the chorus also goes well too. In conclusion, this music video is totally my favourite, the plot was described very well, while the emotion of acting are very good. Nice one, Infinite!!
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    1. there is seems no clear part of dongwoo acting w L in this mv but i only saw him during dance part and when together in the table. he perhaps describe the emotion of eagerness by the choreo.

  2. This interpretation is good too.,


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