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Reasons why BTOB need more recognition?

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Hi peeps I'm back again for my music review article! yeah!

As readers know I am a hardcore inspirit and I am loyal towards one group only which are typical in Korean culture. Basically it take me long time to decide to being in multifandom. Being in the fandom means you have to support the group, their music, vote and buy their digital and physical album. That's why it take long time to decide. But then I end up in BTOB (Born To Beat) fandom, which are known as Melody. 

Yeah, basically people out there don't know what BTOB means right? Only people who knows kpop would know this group. If we talk about EXO, all people who didn't like kpop also know it. INFINITE? they are also lot of people in the town talk about them (yeah INFINITE is really talented).

So, BTOB debuted in 2012. They are basically a danced group but lately they start to do more vocal comeback which show their talent. Their latest comeback, vocal and dance which are superb!

BTOB, which consist of 7 members [ Eunkwang (lead vocal), Minhyuk (rapper), Changsub (sub vocal), Peniel (rapper), Hyunsik (main vocal), Ilhoon (rapper, the one who create gwiyomi move), Sungjae (sub-sub vocal) ] in the group really need more recognition. They are talented kids, but most people sleep on them. Sadly their debut in 2012, but their first win in on music show is on 2015. And they only have win 4 times in the music shows. It was a pity. Even their latest comeback which are "I'll be your man" still didn't win any award in the music shows even they got first in the music chart. Another thing that make me sad is their first solo concert is in 2014. Like seriously why it was too late? Their live performance is so good, it was like their diet is eating the CD though. 

I've listen to all of their albums even I'm in the fandom. All the album are ear candy and their vocal are great. It really fit my taste. Since I like vocal music like ost (just like BTOB colour music) more than badass music or loud electronic sound which make me more stress. I don't know about other people now but seems people pay attention more to loud sound nowadays which for me, it have no meaning or no pleasure at all listening to it. For BTOB, it was worth listening and it was so peace and calm. Their B-track all good, which make me pay attention is their slow music track for example "Melody track in the Beep Beep album". Their unit BTOB-BLUE Stand by Me was also my most of favourite song.

So, I don't want to write without prove, here I include their live performance, MR (music radio) removed, my favourite title comeback and also their b-side track. You guys decide it.

Their latest comeback "I'll be your man" was written and composed by their member itself, Hyunksik. It was really amazing~ ^^

BTOB latest comeback "I'll be your man" official video

BTOB latest comeback "I'll be your man" live performance

BTOB latest comeback "I'll be your man" MR (music radio) removed

BTOB-Blue "Stand by Me"

BTOB b-side track "Melody"

BTOB cut on weekly idol

See? You realize now right that they are so talented? They are also so funny kids in the reality show and talented actor. Yook Sungjae which are their youngest in the group act in several famous korean dramas for example "Who are you: School 2015" as second lead. But he totally make me fall in the second lead syndrome. They have no serious controversy before, it was just because they are kind even to sasaeng fan  (crazy pervert fan) that make their fandom down. It was company responsibility, CUBE Ent, which need to handle the case properly.

Yook Sungjae in drama "Who are you: School 2015"

Yook Sungjae in the latest drama "GOBLIN" 2016

Other than that, I hope they got more recognition in public and win the music shows more. Please let true talented group such as BTOB to win rather than other group who win music shows but lack in vocal (like I also can sing it without hard, the pitch is so easy but win in music shows like several times lol). I didn't blame Korean music industry, even in my country, Malaysia, I also didn't like their music shows since the winner also the easy song like "whatever song for me" but the true emotion of song with best lyrics didn't win at all. It just same with all the country.


We need true music true emotion. Not just music just whatever.

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