Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I'm a Korean that wears a Hijab

This video make me think for a while.. I'm glad to be in Malaysia.
Seriously, I pity her. 
The discrimination is upsetting me since I love Korea too and want to visit Korea one day. 
But after seeing her concern, it make me think twice whether I should go or not. 
They should change about the discrimination first since people in the world come with many races and religion. And all the people in various background contribute to their economics growth with their export goods, tourism and such.

anyway KBS doing a great job by airing this concern. At least it will create awareness to the local people there.

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  1. Kebetulan Cik Nur ada tengok semalam...
    kalau kita ditempat dia bagaimana lah rasanya...
    semoga allah kuatkan semangat dia untuk terus istiqamah...


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