Thursday, 1 December 2016

[Unboxing] BTOB I mean ( ) 7th Mini album

[Unboxing] BTOB I mean ( ) 7th Mini album
I got minhyuk polaroid and hyunsik signed cd!

minhyuk polaroid message:
있잖아 내가 너를 사랑해요 있잖아 내가 너를 꿀아해! 이만큼 이만큼 요만큼 이만큼 씨가 너를 맇아해. 멜로디. -민혁-
You know I love you, you know you honey Oh! This was as much as as much as much. Melody. -Min-hyuk-

Hyunsik signed cd message:
너의 멜로디가 되어줄게 
I'll be your melody

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