Thursday, 23 February 2017

Being introvert doesn't mean you are shy

Assalamualaikum. :)

Being introvert doesn't mean you are shy. 

It doesn't mean you are less confident. Introvert means you like spending your time alone, thinking about yourself and personal space. 

Shy come when you are insecure about yourself and feel less confident. It just so different that people usually misunderstood it.

(even me sometimes confused before, since I'm confident but I love spending time alone and hate to communicate with lot of people, while I only talk when it necessary, but people always say i'm outgoing and extrovert).

Believe me when I start to care about certain people, it because I see potential that you are going to be most important person in my life. I observed you for a long time, trying to approach you or even flirting with you, but believe me it's was very hard thing and decision to do. I'm not really a chaser itself, but I can be one if I really want you in my life.

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